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Religion at the Interface

So that we may understand how our faith as Christians relates to the issues of origins, life, and the future, we present a Distinguished Lecture Series on Friday evenings depending on availability of speakers and demand from the community. Listed below are past speakers and topics.

Mickey Kutzner, PhD
Origin of the Universe: "God, Space, and Time"

Surprising discoveries in cosmology related to the nature of the universe and its origin are providing even the most skeptical with important evidence for belief in a creator God.

Biography of Mickey Kutzner

As a professor of physics at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, Mickey Kutzner teaches and studies atomic theory and the radio astronomy of interstellar clouds, the birthplace of stars. He holds a Masters degree in astronomy from UCLA and a PhD in physics from the University of Virginia.  He as awarded the Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award for the North Central Region for his research on atomic photo-ionization.  Dr. Kutzner has published many articles with students from Andrews University.

John Stout, PhD
Intelligent Design: "Accidental Brains or Designer Genes?"

Understanding the nervous system, especially its functions at the molecular level, challenges the most fundamental steps in the proposed evolution of life.  Read more about the topic here.

Biography of John Stout

Past Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Dean of Research, John Stout joined Andrews University in 1969 as Professor of Biology.  He has taught courses in molecular biology, physiology and neurobiology and chaired the Biology Department from 1983 to 2000, a department now ranked in the top 10% nationally based on the success of its graduates.  As a researcher in neurobiology he has received support from the National Science Foundation for more than twenty years, and awards from the Humbolt Foundation.  His research has resulted in many published papers in refereed scientific journals.

John Baldwin, PhD
Origin of Life:  "Creation, Catastrophe, and Calvary"

Geological, theological and spiritual reasons why a recent creation of life forms on earth is necessarily linked to a global flood.  Read more about the topic here

Biography of John Baldwin

Born in California, John Templeton Baldwin spent several years with his missionary parents in Singapore.  He is presently Professor of Systematic Theology in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, of Andrews University.  He attended Walla Walla College, and received his doctorate from the University of Chicago in 1990 writing a dissertation on the topic of the philosophical relation of science and religion.   Baldwin has published articles in scholarly journals such as the Harvard Theological Review; the Christian Scholar's Review, and Andrews University Seminary Studies.  In the book which he edited and co-authored, Creation, Catastrophe, and Calvary (Review and Herald Publish, Hagerstown, Maryland), the question "What difference does it make whether I believe in a creation in six literal days and a global flood?" is explored.

JoAnn Davidson, PhD
Christian History: "Understanding the Christian World"

Christ promised, "I will build My Church" which the Gospel of Mark records.  The 2000 years now passed offer a complex and amazing picture of how God has been fulfilling His word through the many failures of the Church.  Read more about the topichere.

Biography of JoAnn Davidson

Daughter of missionary parents, JoAnn Davidson began her teaching career as a home-schooling mom and music instructor.  After completing a PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School  JoAnn continued her teaching career by becoming the first woman to teach in the Theology Department of the Andrews University Theological Seminary.  Among the courses she has taught are The Works of God, Survey of Christian Theology, Understanding the Christian World, and Christian Ethics.  Her published works include the book, Jonah:  The Inside Story, (Review and Herald Publishing) as well as chapters in Women in Ministry, edited by Nancy Vyhmeister (Andrews University Press), and Creation, Life and Hope, edited by Jiri Moskala.  Dr. Davidson is past president of The Adventist Theological Society.

Jennifer Groves, PhD
Biblecal Archaeology: "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Yahweh: What Archaeology Reveals About the Bible"

Archaeological finds in the Near East continue to demonstrate the accuracy of the Biblical record.  A review of recent studies illustrates how the debate over the historical accuracy of the Bible is being won with the spade.  Read more about the topic here.

Biography of Jennifer Groves

A graduate of Andrews University and the University of Arizona, Ms. Groves is a staff archaeologist with the Tall Jalul Excavation, sponsored by Andrews University.  Her field experience includes archaeological survey and excavation in Arizona, Israel, and Jordan.  She has taught anthropology and archaeology classes at Andrews University and Bethel College.  Ms. Groves will be speaking in place of Dr. Randy Younker, who found it necessary to be in Jordan preparing for the May archaeological dig on the lecture's announced date.

Norman Moll, PhD
Divine-Human Interface: "Star Wars? No, the Real Thing"

The Bible provides intriguing insights into the reasons why our world is the way it is.  By putting the puzzle pieces together a worldview emerges which provides one with understanding, comfort and hope.  Read more about the topic here.

Biography of Norman Moll

A graduate of Andrews University, Norman Moll earned a PhD in physical chemistry from Case Western Reserve University.  As a scientist with The Dow Chemical Company he researched new products and processes during his 30-year career.   He is co-inventor of a process to convert coal into clean liquid fuels.  A polymeric foam pattern material, which he developed, facilitated the commercial introduction of ductile iron castings made by the lost foam casting process.  As a lay leader in the Midland Seventh-day Adventist Church, Norman has served as a teacher, speaker, and musician.  His Bible studies, especially those in the books of Daniel and Revelation, have been featured in numerous lectures.


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