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Spiritual Growth

As Christians it is our charge given by Jesus himself to follow him in our daily lives. When we follow freely it will bring much joy to our lives and be a witness to the universe of the character of God.

It it is the practice of the spiritual disciplines through which our connection with Christ is deepened. This list of disciplines is incomplete but here are a few which you may find helpful.

Prayer: There are many kinds of prayer from simply sitting in God's presence, listening for anything he may wish to say, to interceding on the behalf of others. The purpose of prayer is to change us, not to control God. Many find that journaling their prayers is helpful. Being creative with prayer such as praying the news may add a new element of interest to your prayer life.

Meditation: Meditation is the careful examining of some spiritual concept--turning it over in your mind, looking at its various aspects, thinking about its logical end. Meditating on a passage of scripture helps make it our own.

Contemplation: Contemplation of a passage of scripture uses the imagination to put ourselves into the scene. For example to being with Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Fasting: Many think of fasting from food but with careful consideration you may find fasting from entertainment, media, over-time at work, or other things are helpful in freeing up some time or clearing away the clutter of our minds to better communicate with Christ.

Bible photoBible Study: We are privileged to have many versions of the Holy Scriptures with associated commentaries, concordances, handbooks, dictionaries and expository books to help us understand God word to us.

Spiritual Reading: Spiritual reading of some passage of scripture or portion of another book where the goal is not gaining knowledge of the passage but rather using the passage as an avenue for conversation with God. Reading slowly, listening for the voice of God, meditating on words or phrases that seem to stick out to us, asking God if there is some action he wants us to do are all part of spiritual reading.

Exploring Nature: For many being in or studying nature brings a sense of closeness to God. God has designed nature to speak of his power and glory.

Daily Examen: At the close of the day, ask the Lord to walk with you as you remember the day. What part of the day brought the most joy? When did you feel most loved? What part would you rather not repeat? Discuss these with God. The next morning try to recall what brought the most joy from the day before so you may start the day with gratitude.

Spiritual Accountability: Small groups are helpful for spiritual accountability and growth. Try asking each other these questions in your small group:
1. When during the week did I feel closest to Christ?
2. What were my calls to discipleship? When was I called to be the hands and feet of Christ to my world?
3. When was my faith tested through failure when I stepped out on behalf of Christ?

Personal Bible Study Aids: Please see the Resources Page here for a list of aids to Bible study.

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Sharing Your Faith

Many people confuse sharing their faith with sharing their doctrinal understandings. Sharing your doctrinal beliefs can be a theoretical or cerebral exercise. And some wonder whether they knew enough to do it well. Sharing your faith is merely telling another person why you trust God based on how you have seen him work previously in your life. Just as teaching another person solidifies the concept in your own mind, sharing your faith with another solidifies your own faith.

A little exercise which is helpful is the life map. It can take any form. Draw a map of your spiritual journey, noting events and people who played a part in shaping you spiritually. Notice time periods when your faith was strong and when it was weaker. After you are finished with your map, explain it to another person. This will help you become aware of how God has been working in your life so that you can more easily share your faith when the opportunity arises.

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