This Same Jesus

Pastor Richard Hall

Midland SDA Church

July 22, 2017



I.  Introduction:


There are three great themes in Scripture:

·        The Crib – Jesus coming incarnate – the Messiah

·        The Cross – Jesus making Salvation possible

·        The Second Coming – Jesus and the Redeemed united


My focus today is:  The Second Coming of Jesus.


Hebrews 10:35-37  - “He who is coming will come and will not tarry.”


Instinctively – man has always expected a meeting with God – whether dreaded or welcomed.


Two days before Jesus died on the cross He was on the Mt. of Olives with His disciples and they asked Him privately – When will these things be?

Matthew 24: 3


Jesus answered with 94 verses – the rest of Matthew 24 and all of Matthew 25.


Matthew 24:44 – the center of the message.


Readiness is the Key!


We should live in perpetual readiness – every hour – every day – every moment.


Matthew 25:10 speaks about the parable of the ten virgins.  Only five were ready.


The church should be ready for His coming!


There are four reasons why!


II.  The Coming of Jesus:


1 – Imperative

2  - Immutable

3  - Immanuel

4  - Imminent


First – the Coming of Jesus is Imperative!  He needs to come!


We entered the 20th century on horseback, with outhouses, and lanterns.  We left the 20th century driving SUV’s.  We have electricity, computers, TV, and atomic bombs.


Judgment is at the door!


Second – It is Immutable – A changeless fact.


His coming cannot be changed by your ignorance.

His coming cannot be changed by your indifference.

His coming cannot be changed by your disbelief.


It is a changeless fact – Jesus is coming!


Third – His Coming is Immanuel – God with us!


Revelation 1:7


Immanuel – God with us!


Acts 1:11  - describes the return of Jesus.  Jesus is coming in bodily form – in glory.


At the first Advent – Jesus came through His mother’s womb and no one saw Him.  At the Second Advent, every eye will see Him.


The first Advent – Jesus came as a lamb slain from the foundation of the world – Second Advent – Jesus is coming as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.


First Advent – to redeem us – second Advent – to reign over us.

First Advent – King of the Jews – second Advent – King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


First Advent – Crown of thorns – second Advent with a Crown of Righteousess.


Jesus is Coming – God with Us!


Acts 1:11 – This same Jesus will soon come!


Fourth – His Coming is Imminent!  He is even at the door!


III.  Conclusion:


Article from Adventist Review, March 21, 2016 Titled:  “Five Minutes later, it’s over!”  written by Dwight K. Nelson  (Can be read Adventist Review online)


The article illustrates the nearness of Christ’s Coming!


The article is quoting from Chris Martenson – economic researcher and futurist.


The researcher warns:  “In these opening years of the third millennium earth is facing a ‘perfect storm’ of critical trends now skyrocketing off the graphs; hemorrhaging debt; oil and energy depletion; scarcity of water and food combined with a burgeoning number of mouths to feed.  We thought we had time to get ready – but time’s up.”


Ellen White wrote about spiritual survival.


“Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones.”  9T11


Great Controversy, page 631 – “The end will come more quickly than men expect.”


So, how then shall we live?


1 – Grow in Grace and knowledge of Jesus  2 Peter 3:18

2  - Ask for Holy Spirit in your life.  Luke 11:13

3  - Tell people about His soon return.  Matthew 28:19,20

4  - Whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me.  Matthew 25:40

5  - Be filled with joy and peace and hope.  Romans 15:13

6  - He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion. Phil. 1:6

7  - Even so, come Lord Jesus.