The Ultimate Good Samaritan

Pastor Cory Herthel

Midland SDA Church

January 28, 2017



Key Texts: Luke 10:25-37; John 20:11-18; Psalm 37:4; Matthew 6:8; Isaiah 53

SOP Reference: Manuscript 62; July 9, 1901


Introduction: We live in a society that ever seeks ease, convenience, and immediate gratification.  We look for ways to be less bothered.  So much in life has been automated, that our lives have become incessantly streamlined…Segway into Christ not being too busy to help us.


I. The Unexpected Helper (Luke 10:25-37)

  A. The expected helper refused (v. 32)

    1. Maybe he was too busy

    2. He had better things to do

    3. He may have said “Oh, someone else will take care of the problem”

  B. The unexpected helper (v. 33)

  C. Commissioned to be the same (v. 37)


II. The Ultimate Good Samaritan (John 20:11-18)

  A. Someone needed help! (v. 11)

    1. This was the same person that relied heavily on help before

    2. Others had no time for her, but Jesus did

  B. He recognized her need again! (v. 14-15)

  C. He shows His love and that He has time to help (v. 16-18)

  D. He was the unexpected helper (Isaiah 53:1-2)

    1. Nothing about His form brought desire for Him

    2. But, He knows our hearts and has shown his (Psalm 37:4)

    3. He always has time to meet us where we are à SOP


SOP: Christ wants to pour upon us the bright sunshine of His presence. We are here to seek and to find God. Let us humble our hearts before Him and give Him an opportunity to fill our hearts with His grace. Shall we at this meeting dedicate ourselves to God? At your baptism you gave yourself to Him, and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit pledged themselves to work in your behalf.


Closing: Has life become so streamlined that you don’t take time to consider others’ needs?  Do you pass by every individual, crowd, and circumstance only thinking about the task that lies ahead of you to accomplish?  Or have you found yourself jaded in this world that is so darkened with sin and uncomeliness?  Let’s remember that at our lowest point there was Someone who had time for us.  Someone who didn’t feel inconvenienced.  Someone who put the greatest task in history to be completed, on hold to help the wounded.  And let’s emulate the example of The Ultimate Good Samaritan!