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242 All All Things are Possible Through Prayer Allen, Charles L
242 All Prayerful Heart Allen, Charles L & Rice, Helen Steiner
242 Bun Perfect Prayer Bunch, Taylor G
242 Can Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul Canfield, Jack, et al.
242 Chr What Happiness When Women Pray Christenson, Evelyn
242 Chr What Happens When We Pray for Our Families Christianson, Evelyn
242 Coh Handle with Prayer Cohen, Alan
242 Con In Pastures Green Condy, Bev
242 Coo Answer Was Created, The Coon, Glenn & Ethel
242 Coo Delightful Discoveries in Prayer Coon, Glenn & Ethel
242 Coo Foolish Prayers--Fabulous Answers Coon, Glenn & Ethel
242 Coo Please Pray Coon, Glenn & Ethel
242 Coo Science of Prayer: Its ABC's Coon, Glenn & Ethel
242 Coo ABC's of Bible Prayer, The Coon, Glenn A
242 Cor Praying the Scriptures Cornwall, Judson
242 Due Mighty Prevailing Prayer Duewel, Wesley L
242 Eng 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life Engelkemier, Joe
242 Eng Great Prayers and Pray-ers of the Bible Engelkemier, Joe
242 Gal Yours for the Asking Gallagher, Edwin
242 Gal Prayers of a Godly Woman Gallery, Jim
242 Gra It's My Turn Graham, Ruth Bell
242 Hol Who Am I, God? Holmes, Marjorie
242 Joe Call Collect Joers, Lawrence
242 Lin When You Pray Lindsell, Harold
242 Luc Gift for All People, The Lucado, Max
242 Mey Joy of Believing Prayer, The Meyer, Joyce
242 Mor Incredible Answers to Prayer, When You Need Morneau, Roger
242 Mor Incredible Power of Prayer, The Morneau, Roger
242 Mue Answers to Prayer Mueller, George
242 Mur Prayer Life, The Murray, Andrew
242 Nun Miracles Galore! Nunez, Eithne Amos
242 Pat Episodes at the Olive Press Pate, Don
242 Pat Deepening Your Conversation with God Patterson, Ben
242 San Prayer Power Unlimited Sanders, J Oswald
242 Tuc Prayer Power Tucker, JL
242 Unk Kneeling Christian, The Unknown Christian
242 Van Prayer on Target Vandeman, George E
242 Wal Prayer Warriors Walker, Celeste
242 Wat Prayer Country Watts, Dorothy Eaton
242 Whi Prayer for the Sick White, EG
242 Wil Prayer of Jabez, The Wilkinson, Bruce
242 Wor Springs of Devotion Wortman, Arthur
242.1 Bra Jesus/Now Brandt, Leslie F
242.1 Bra Prophets/Now Brandt, Leslie F
242.1 Kel Sea Edge Keller, W Phillip
242.1 Pad God's Minutes Paddock, Charles L
242.1 Rab 101 Most Powerful Verses in the Bible Rabey, Steve & Lois
242.1 She Faith Never Shrinks in Hot Water Shepherd, Linda
242.1 She Journey into Rest Sherrill, Elizabeth
242.1 Str Warm and Welcome Place, A Strong, June
242.2 Cha My Utmost for His Highest Chambers, Oswald
242.2 Cle Come Unto Me Cleveland, EE
242.2 Cow Streams in the Desert Cowman, Charles E Mrs.
242.2 Cow Streams in the Desert , vol 2 Cowman, Mrs. Charles
242.2 Del Just for Today Delafield, DA
242.2 Eng Prepare the Way Engelkemier, Joe
242.2 Gui Daily Guideposts, 1981 Guideposts
242.2 Gui Daily Guideposts, 1986 Guideposts
242.2 Gui Daily Guideposts, 1996 Guideposts
242.2 Gui Daily Guideposts, 1997 Guideposts
242.2 Hep In Touch with God Heppenstall, Edward
242.2 Heu This is the Life Heubach, Paul C
242.2 Joh Behold His Glory Johnsson, William G
242.2 Kni Walking with Jesus Knight, George
242.2 Kno World to Love, A Knowles, George E
242.2 Man Sure as the Dawn Mansell, Donald & Vista
242.2 Min Gateways to God Minchin, GH
242.2 Nou From Fear to Love Nouwen, Henri
242.2 Nur Christ is Our Victory Murdoch, William Gordon
242.2 Oti Listening Heart, The Otis, Rose
242.2 Pea Think on These Things Pease, Norval F
242.2 Pie Faith Triumphant Pierson, Robert H
242.2 Ric Walking Through Your Bible with HMS Richards Richards, HMS
242.2 Ric Best News Ever, The Richards, HMS Jr and Guild, Daniel R
242.2 Sch Face to Face, Lenten Devotions Scheer/Streufert/Sudbrock
242.2 Scr Such Bright Hopes Scragg, Walter RL
242.2 Scr Such Bright Hopes Scragg, Walter RL
242.2 Spa Morning Praise Spangler, Bob & Marie
242.2 Tip My Lord and I Tippett, Harry Moyle
242.2 Whi Conflict and Courage White, EG
242.2 Whi God's Amazing Grace White, EG
242.2 Whi Lift Him Up White, EG
242.2 Whi My Life Today White, EG
242.2 Whi Reflecting Christ White, EG
242.2 Whi Sons and Daughters of God White, EG
242.2 Whi Sons and Daughters of God White, EG
242.2 Whi Upward Look, The White, EG
242.2 Wil Welcome, Holy Spirit Williams, Garrel F
242.2 Wil Helps by the Way Wilson, Sara W & Herssey, Martha S
242.2 Woo Mysteries Unveiled Wood, Lynn H
242.21 Ben Making Tracks Benson, Dennis C
242.21 Hon Through the Night with God Honor Books
242.21 Mac Ablaze for God Mace, TW
242.21 ten Messages of God's Abundance ten Boom, Corrie
242.21 ten Reflections of God's Glory tenBoom, Corrie
242.33 Kin Treasure of Christmas Miracles Kingsbury, Karen
242.4 Kru Songs in the Night Krum, Nathaniel
242.62 Sko Lord, I Have a Question Skold, Betty
242.621 Cha Am I the Only One Here with Faded Genes? Chapian
242.621 Dow Catch the Bright Dawn Doward, Jan S
242.621 Dow Catch the Bright Dawn Doward, Jan S
242.621 Dow Moment to Decide, The Doward, Jan S
242.621 Egb Nature in a Nutshell Egbert, Elaine
242.621 Est Straight Ahead Esteb, Adlai
242.621 Fel Eye Openers--Junior Devotional Feldbush, Jim et al
242.621 Har Begin Today with God Hardinge, Miriam
242.621 Har Make God First Hare, Eric B
242.621 Irl Little Talks with Jesus Irland, Nancy Beck
242.621 Joh Devotions for Early Teens Johnson, Ruth
242.621 Lan Stop, Look, and Listen Lantry, Eileen E & Jay
242.621 Lar Climbing Jacobs Ladder Larson, Jeanne & McLin, Ruth
242.621 Lar Climbing Jacobs Ladder Larson, Jeanne & McLin, Ruth
242.621 Lit Fillin' Up Littleton, Mark
242.621 Man New Every Morning Mansell, Donald Ernest
242.621 Mil God and Me Mills, Charles
242.621 Mil Eyes of the Crocodile Mills, Charles
242.621 Pet Falling Off Cloud Nine and Other High Places Peterson, Lorraine
242.621 Pet If You Really Trust Me, Why Can't I Stay Out Later? Peterson, Lorraine
242.621 Pie In Step with Jesus Pierson, Robert H
242.621 Ree Jump Start Reece, Colleen L
242.621 Rev Morning Riser Review & Herald
242.621 Rit Show Me Thy Ways Rittenhouse, Floyd O
242.621 Riz Go for the Gold Rizzo, Kay D
242.621 Swa Moose, the Goose, and the Kingdom of God, The Swanson, Gary B
242.621 Tuc Nature Quest Tucker, James & Priscilla
242.621 Van How to Get to Heaven From Your House vanDolson, Bobbie Jane
242.621 Ven Faith That Works Venden, Morris L
242.621 Wal More Power to Ya Walker, Celeste Perrino
242.621 Win His Healing Love Winn, Dick
242.621 Woo Joy in the Morning Woolsey, Raymond H
242.632 Due Divine Appointments Duerkson, Richard
242.633 Loc More Salt in My Kitchen Lockerbie, Jeanette
242.65 Mai Good Morning Lord Mainprize, Don
243 Bar Life's Perspectives Barnett, Richard J
243 Bea Dimensions in Salvation Beach, Walter Raymond
243 Coo God I Love, The Coon, Glenn A
243 Cot Beyond Tomorrow Cottrell, Raymond F
243 Fag By Faith I Live Fagal, William A
243 Fin Beyond Orion's Gates Finley, Mark A
243 Fin Thirteen Life Changing Secrets Finley, Mark A
243 Gra Open Secrets Gray, Don & Marjorie
243 Hol New Kind of Life, A Holland, Kenneth J
243 McF Lucifer Files, The McFarland, Ken
243 Nef Faith of Our Fathers Neff, Merlin
243 Nel Claim, The Nelson, Dwight K
243 Pie Secret of Happiness, The Pierson, Robert
243 Pie Though the Winds Blow Pierson, Robert H
243 Pro God is With Us Provonsha, Jack W
243 Ric One World Richards, HMS
243 Rie Prove All Things Rice, M Leslie
243 Shu When God Intervenes Shuler, John L
243 Spa Marked Spangler, Bob
243 Tay Marked Bible, The Taylor, Charles L
243 Van Cry of a Lonely Planet Vandeman, George E
243 Van Is Anybody Driving? Vandeman, George E
243 Van Planet In Rebellion Vandeman, George E
243 Van Planet in Rebellion Vandeman, George E
243 Van Touch and Live Vandeman, George E
243 Win God's Way to a New You Winn, Dick
243 Woo Valley of Decision Woodruff, Leola
248 And Life that Wins, The Andross, Matilda E
248 Cle Mine Eyes Have Seen Cleveland, EE
248 Fos Streams of Living Water Foster, Richard
248 Gra Reasons to be Glad Billy Graham Association
248 Kay Simple Gifts Kay, Lesie
248 Llo Too Slow Getting Off Lloyd, Marjorie Lewis
248 Mac Lambs Among Wolves MacGuire, Meade
248 Pad Highways to Happiness Paddock, Charles L
248 Smi Bats, Balls and Alter Calls Smith, David B
248 Smi Christians Secret of a Happy Life, A Smith, Hanna Whitall
248 Sut No More Broken Places Sutton, Carolyn Rathbun
248 Swi Improving Your Serve Swindoll, Charles R
248 Wil Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs Wilkinson, Bruce
248.2 Bes Praise the Lord Beshires, James O Jr.
248.2 Bri There's a Snake in My Garden Briscoe, Jill
248.2 Col Life Sentence Colson, Charles
248.2 Fah Way of the Cross: Where It Led Me Fahrner, Mary
248.2 Gol Best Seller Goldstein, Clifford
248.2 Gol Best Seller Goldstein, Clifford
248.2 Haw From Gangs to God Hawley, Don
248.2 Haw Set Free Hawley, Don
248.2 Hen Once a Smuggler Henrickson, Jewel H
248.2 Hep Book and the Quest, The Heppenstall, Marget Strom
248.2 Hol Stranger In My Home Holmes, C Raymond
248.2 Hol Stranger in My Home Holmes, C Raymond
248.2 Jar Calling, The Jarrard, Dan
248.2 Kno Me, A Minister's Wife--Parish the Thought! Knoche, Vikki
248.2 Law Practicing His Presence Brother Lawrence & Laubach, Frank
248.2 Lev Kidnapped for My Faith Levitt, Ken & Rosen, Ceil
248.2 Llo God Is in a Hurry Lloyd, Marjory Lewis
248.2 Mil Way of the English Mystics Miller, Gordon
248.2 Mor Trip into the Supernatural Morneau, Roger J
248.2 Nef Heart of Flesh Neff, LaVonne
248.2 Osw That Book in the Attic Oswald, Helen K
248.2 Pay Three Angels Over Rancho Grande Payne, Viola M
248.2 Rat Good Fight, A Ratzlaff, Ruby
248.2 Sch Pilgrimage Schurch, Maylan
248.2 ten Each New Day tenBoom, Corrie
248.2 Upj Why Julian Now? Upjohn, Sheila
248.2 Van I Met a Miracle Vandeman, George E
248.2 Woo Reluctant Saint Reluctant Sinner Wood, Miriam
248.2 Woo Two Hands, No Wings Wood, Miriam
248.2 Yan Soul Survivor Yancey, Philip
248.24 All High Rider Allen, O Tom
248.24 Bat Richest Caveman, The Batchelor, Doug & Tooker, Marilyn
248.24 Car From Crime to Christianity Carrasco, Tino
248.24 Ger God's Hand in My Life Geraty
248.24 Gre As the stars Forever Greer, Hazel McElhany
248.24 Jon Conversion Jones, E Stanley
248.24 Kam Daughter of Son-light Kangas, Janet Leigh & McFadden, Elizabeth S
248.24 Mar Potato Man, The Marcus, Sophia
248.24 Sim God Never Slept Simonsen, Sharon
248.24 Smi Game Ends at Sundown, The Smith, Sandy
248.24 Van Arrow Returned, An Vanderwerff, Corrine
248.24 Wag Heartquake Wagner, Lilya
248.24 Wal Joy Ride to Freedom Waldron, Jack C
248.24 Wue To Drink of His Love Wuestrefeld, Mary F
248.25 Art Surprised by God Arterburn, Stephen
248.25 Llo Trumpets for Prodigals Lloyd, Marjorie Lewis
248.25 Pet My Truth, Your Truth, Whose Truth Peterson, Randy
248.25 She In His Steps Sheldon, Charles
248.25 Shu Power for a Finished Work Shuler, John L
248.25 Str Mindy Strong, June
248.25 Str Mindy Strong, June
248.25 Swi Strengthening Your Grip Swindoll, Charles R
248.25 Wal Decision at the Jordan Walton, Lewis R
248.27 Koo Beauty Care for the Tongue Koopman, Leroy
248.27 Ste Winds of Change Steed, Ernest HJ
248.27 Van Papa Are you Going to Die Vandeman, George E
248.29 Art Seven Keys to Spiritual Renewal Arterburn, Stephen & Stoop, David
248.29 Bro Fruit of the Spirit, The Brown, George W
248.29 Cla Hat Box, the Clairmont, Patsy
248.29 Cla Shoe Box, The Clairmont, Patsy
248.29 Coo Living God's Joy Cooper, Douglas
248.29 Coo Living God's Love Cooper, Douglas
248.29 Joh Paint the World with Love II Johnson, Jeannette
248.29 Max I Want to be Free Maxwell, A Graham
248.29 Oti Almost Perfect Angels Otis, Rose
248.29 ten Marching Orders for the End Battle tenBoom, Corrie
248.29 ten Not Good if Detached tenBoom, Corrie
248.4 And Walk God's Battlefield Anderson, Godfrey T
248.4 Anf If You Love Jesus Anfenson-Vance, Deborah
248.4 Bla Created to be God's Friend Blackaby, Henry T
248.4 Bla Experiencing God Blackaby, Henry T & King, Claude V
248.4 Bon Cost of Discipleship Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
248.4 Car Principles to Ponder Carcich, Theodore
248.4 Car Walk, The Card, Michael
248.4 Cla God Uses Cracked Pots Clairmont, Patsy
248.4 Cof One Thing I Know Coffin, James
248.4 Col Loving God Colson, Charles
248.4 Coo Living in Our Finest Hour Cooper, Douglas
248.4 Coo Living: We've Just Begun Cooper, Douglas
248.4 Eld Waking the Dead Eldredge, John
248.4 Eld Wild at Heart Eldredge, John
248.4 Fin Satisfied Finley, Mark
248.4 Fos Celebration of Discipline Foster, Richard
248.4 Gil When the Pieces Don't Fit God Makes the Difference Galliland, Glaphre'
248.4 Gui Call, The Guinness, Os
248.4 Har Victors, The Hardinge, Leslie
248.4 Hen Jesus Effect, The Hensley, Dennis
248.4 Hyb Honest to God Hybels, Bill
248.4 Jac Surrender Jackson, Gregory L
248.4 Jen Wings of Steel Jensen, Richard
248.4 Joh Unconditional Love Johnson, Keith
248.4 Jon Help Lord, I Blew It Again Jones, Mike
248.4 Kel Testament of Devotion, A Kelly, Thomas R
248.4 Kid God's Joyful Surprise Kidd, Sue Monk
248.4 Lan Change Points Landorf, Joyce
248.4 Luc It's Not About Me Lucado, Max
248.4 Mai With My Whole Heart Mains, Karen Burton
248.4 Man Abba's Child Maning, Brennan
248.4 Mar A Closer Walk Marshall, Catherine
248.4 Max How to Become a Christian and Stay One Maxwell, Patricia
248.4 Max Winning Over Sinning Maxwell, Patricia
248.4 McR Footprints of Providence McReynolds, Jeannie
248.4 Mil Into the Depths of God Miller, Calvin
248.4 Mil Jackrabbit Safari and Other High Speed Tales Mills, Charles
248.4 Nou Henri Nouwen: Selected Writings Nouwen, Henri
248.4 Nou Return of the Prodigal Son, The Nouwen, Henri
248.4 Nou Compassion Nouwen/Neill/Morrison
248.4 Ort If you Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat Ortberg, John
248.4 Pad Byways Paddock, Charles L
248.4 Pet Long Obedience in the Same Direction, A Peterson, Eugene
248.4 Sam Christ's Way of Making Disciples Samaan, Philip G
248.4 Str Where are We Running? Strong, June
248.4 Swi Hand Me Another Brick Swindoll, Charles R
248.4 Tag Happiness Is Taggart, George H
248.4 ten Not I, But Christ tenBoom, Corrie
248.4 Tho Soul Feast Thompson, Marjorie
248.4 Tip Live Happier Tippett, HM
248.4 Ton When God Makes Cookies Tonn, Katie
248.4 Van Faith Lift Vandeman, George E
248.4 Ven God Says, But I Think Venden, Morris
248.4 Ven To Know God Venden, Morris L
248.4 War Purpose Driven Life, The Warren, Rick
248.4 Wei On Being a Real Christian Weiss, Christian
248.4 Wes Man Called Pedro, A Westphal, Barbara
248.4 Yan Rumors of Another World Yancey, Philip
248.42 Ame Love is the Motive Amen, Carol
248.42 Ven From Exodus to Advent Venden, Morris L
248.48 Bat How to Survive in a Dead Church Batchelor, Doug & Lifshay, Karen
248.48 Riz Gospel in the Grocery Store Rizzo, Kay D
248.48 You Working Out What God Works In Young, Samuel Chien-Sheng
248.5 Bas So Send I You Bascom, Maurice
248.5 Car Tell It as It Is Carcich, Theodore
248.5 Col Master Plan of Evangelism Colema, Robert E
248.5 Coo Path to the Heart Coon, Glenn A
248.5 Gra You Are My Witness Gray, Don & Marjorie
248.5 Gra Soul-winning Helps for Members of the Healing Professions Gray, Marjorie V
248.5 Hyb Becoming a Contagious Christian Hybels, Bill & Mittelberg, Mark
248.5 Jew Let's Fan the Flame Jewett, Dick
248.5 Lay Lay Bible Worker's Manual Lay Activities Dept
248.5 Lay Lay Evangelist's Handbook Lay Activities Dept
248.5 Lay Training Light Bearers Lay Activities Dept
248.5 Llo Man with Two Umbrellas, The Lloyd, Marjorie Lewis
248.5 Mar Witnessing Martin, Carlos G
248.5 Mar Witnessing: Turning the World Upside Down Martin, Carlos G
248.5 Nig Crossing Jordan at Flood Tide Nightingal, RH
248.5 Rev How to Give Bible Readings Review and Herald
248.5 Rin You Can Witness with Confidence Rinker, Rosalind
248.5 Sam Christ's Way of Reaching People Samaan, Philip G
248.5 SDA Witnessing for Christ SDA
248.5 She Sharing Jesus Sheldon, Jean
248.5 Shu Helps for the Reaping Campaign Shuler, John L
248.5 Sjo 101 Ways to Reach Your Community Sjogren, Steve
248.5 Tag Witnessing without Fear Taggart, George H
248.5 ten Amazing Love tenBoom, Corrie
248.5 Wal New Testament Witnessing Walter, Eldon K
248.5 Wig Soul Winning Made Easier Wiggins, Kembleton S
248.5 Woo Evangelism Handbook Woolsey, Raymond H
248.5 Zac Power to Witness Zackrison, James W
248.6 Cop Living Sacrifice, A Copsey, Don A
248.6 Gen Lord's Tenth, The General Conference
248.6 Gen Tithing Principles and Guidelines General Conference
248.6 Kno Over and Over Again Knott, Ronald Alan (ed)
248.6 Kno Over and Over Again 2 Knott, Ronald Alan (ed)
248.6 Ree God and Man Unlimited Rees, Melvin E
248.6 Ree God's Plan for Social Security Rees, Melvin E
248.6 Ree Money and the Christian Rees, Melvin E
248.6 Wel Invest in Heaven Wellman, SA
248.8 Bru Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth Brueggemann, Walter
248.86 Bra When You Walk Through a Storm Bragan, Jeris
248.86 Bra My Heart is in His Hands Brannaka, Marjorie
248.86 Bur Heart Cry Burrows, Dorothea & Spencer
248.86 Day Hurting Day, Dan
248.86 Dew Terry, Follow Your Heart Dew, Joon & Fox, David
248.86 Dia Plane Crash Diamond, Michael
248.86 Dob Journey for Bobby Dobbs, Betty
248.86 Ear Step Further, A Eareckson, Joni
248.86 Edm Disciplines of Life, The Edman, Raymond
248.86 Fin Growing through Life's Toughest Times Finley, Mark A
248.86 Her Funky Herrera, barbara
248.86 Heu Problem of Human Suffering Heubach, Paul C
248.86 Hor Promise Deferred Horn, Siegfried H
248.86 Hus More Than Mountains Huston, Todd & Rizzo, Kay D
248.86 Kay Born to Live Kaytor, Evelyn
248.86 Kot Thank God for the Crumbs Kotter, Bonnie
248.86 Kuz Blessings at Midnight Kuzma, Kay
248.86 Nou Inner Voice of Love, The Nouwen, Henri
248.86 Ree Deserts of the Heart Reeve, Pamela
248.86 Roe Welcome Home, Davey Roever, Dave
248.86 Ste Last Mountain, The Steed, Lincoln E
248.86 Val Other Side of the Mountain Valens, EG
248.86 Van Overcomers, The Vandeman, George & Finley, Mark
248.86 Web Hurt, Healing, and Happy Again Weber, Martin
248.86 Web Hurt, Healing, and Happy Again Weber, Martin
248.86 Woo Though He Slay Me Wood, Miriam
248.86 Yan Where is God when It Hurts? Yancey, Philip
248.88 Buf Half Time Buford, Bob
248.88 Giu God at Ground Zero Giunta, Ray
248.88 Pee Going Public with Your Faith Peel, William Carr & Larimore, Walt
248.88 Str You Can Go Up Stringfellow, Bill & Dee
248.88 Whi Your Job--Survival or Satisfaction? White, Jerry & Mary
249 Tyn Colors of Grace in Our Homes Tyner, Stuart